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Be a Daila Reseller. Pure and earth-friendly ingredients, Daila Herbals are as clean as they are effective.

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Thank you for your interest in our Daila Reseller Program. We provide extensive support to our Partners and make sure that you make a profit from distributing our products. 

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Premium Daila


  • Three (3) Daila Gugo Shampoo with Aloe Vera 1 Liter
  •  Seven (7)  Daila Gugo Shampoo with Aloe Vera 250ml
  •  Two (2) Daila Shampoo Bar 120g
  •  Nine (9) Victoria Laundry Granules 750g
  •  Four (4) Victoria Laundry Bar 400g
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All Natural Laundry Products


  • Fifteen (15) Victoria Laundry Granules 750g
  •  Nine (9) Victoria Laundry Bar 400g
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Relaxation Package


  • Four (4) Herbal Body Oil 120ml
  •  Five (5) Aroma Oil Rosenlav 150ml
  • Three (3) Aroma Oil Rosenmint 150ml
  •  Three (3) Citronella Plus 60ml
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Daila lets you create your own package 

Be unique and choose from Daila's wide collection of award-winning natural products to resell to your customers. 

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Become our Partner  & Start Earning High Margins

Stop struggling to find the right business idea. Daila resellers are sure to earn substantial profit and high margins. You can earn as much as 15%, for as low as Php 2,000 you can be a reseller of Daila Herbals.

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Be a Champion of All Natural Products

Daila Herbal offers a wide selection of organic health and beauty products. All natural, nontoxic and organic for a healthy and better looking skin with detailed ingredients list and range of products for different skin type.

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Daila is an award winning  & trusted brand for over 30 years

An honest and trustworthy brand for over 30 years. Daila Herbal have always believed that organic ingredients and products is the secret for a perfect health and great skin.

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All Natural Products

2021 Collection

Here at Daila Herbals, our mission is to provide natural & quality products at an affordable price, inspire everyone to embrace nature & be more organic, and helping our resellers earn & create multiple opportunities.

Feel free to browse around the site and discover our all-natural products. 

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