DAILA HERBAL COMMUNITY ENTERPRISES, is a Philippine based corporation engaged in manufacturing environment and health friendly natural herbal products such as soaps, laundry granules and personal and household care products. Its credo, “Mother Nature Needs a Friend” is being campaigned throughout the archipelago and in the global community.

DHCE was conceived and established by its President and Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Aleli V. Pansacola in 1986 when she joined the Philippine Institute for Alternative Futures (PIAF) and was assigned to head the Herbal Group. Primarily, the Herbal Group was tasked with organizing herbal seminars for the grassroots level in different regions of the country. The goal was to train the grassroots in herbal technologies and to establish Herbal Gardens in every barrio where doctors are few and medicines expensive. The ultimate goal was to alleviate their economic plight. This personal venture led to the development of an essential oil project (after discovering the abundance of untapped oil producing botanicals in the region) and later to its use for soap and other herbal products.

From single proprietorship in 1987, DHCE was incorporated in 1991. The corporation went into manufacturing herbal products and joined significant and prestigious international shows and fairs both here and abroad. Their banner product, Victoria Herbal Laundry Granules won several international awards and recognition's from Switzerland, Morocco, Bulgaria, and in Asia.

The soap lines: bath, beauty and laundry soaps are pure, natural and herbal. They are coconut based and does not use any synthetic chemicals. Victoria Herbal Laundry Granules, probably the only one of its kind today is a NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to chemical laundry detergents that are used worldwide. 

Environmental Management Plan   

The management plan of Daila Herbal Community Enterprises, Inc., in order to focus on the residual management scheme on the relevant land, water, air and people module are as follows:   

Since our products are coconut base and no chemical added, the water used for washing the clothes can be used for bathing our animals without harming their skin and body. Dried lather may be used to get rid of pest on infected areas. It can also be used for watering our plants and make the soil fertile and healthy. The Victoria Laundry Bar can be used as bath soap and is not hazardous to our skin.   

Coconut based soap washing has been proven to make the soil fertile. Our products are fully biodegradable.