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New to composting?

Get the compost pots starter kit! Free loam soil with every purchase of Palit palit (Duha). Now, eco-friendly urban dwellers can start composting in the city! Ornamental design makes the pots a pleasing accessory in your apartment garden balcony.


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Palit Palit (Tatlo)

Peel, ditch, switch, repeat!
Fill the pot with your "compost lasagna". Mix kitchen waste with dry material, layer with soil and repeat! When a pot is full, switch to the next pot!

Note: Made to order. Allow shipping schedule of 3 - 5 weeks. Possible delays due to lockdown restrictions. Will notify if early delivery is available.

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Leave-it pot for less fuss! 

Mix in your kitchen waste with dry materials like shredded paper, cardboard, leaves and soil. When the pot is filled, leave it and let nature do the rest!